Short film criteria for judging

This summer, cadillac and the producers guild of america launched make your mark, a short film competition that challenged producers to create compelling content with limited resources. First placers from the regional level of the competition will compete in the national level. Scribd is the worlds largest social reading and publishing site. The judging criteria will be based on creativity and originality, technical skill and content as defined below. Short film contest judging rubric hildegard center for. The following rating scale will be applied to each entry after the video is viewed by two members of. The official rules should clearly state what the entrant. Dont leave it up to the entrant to guess what you want to see. Criteria 3 2 1 average storytelling 30% does the story have a clear structure and plot. Short film judging criteria draf free download as word doc.

Criteria exemplary 20 points accomplished 15 points developing 10 points limited 5 points narrative flow the narrative story telling flowed seamlessly. The official rules should clearly state what the entrant can do and most importantly what they cannot do, what is acceptable and what is not. Have you ever wondered what is the judging criteria for a short film competition. Storyfilm and animation judging criteria 100 points. Did they try to change things up or were the shots static. The annual student film contest is sponsored by the faith west academy fine arts booster club, called fine arts network f. Homeless guy bothers my friend jacob for money and hes not happy, but what happens next is shocking.

The judging rubric provides a breakdown of how every student video submission will be scored by the panel of judges. Each entry must be in the form of a short film idea that reflects the brief and meets the following criteria. Isaac 2018 short film festival judging criteria 1 judging criteria isaac 2018 film submissions films will first be screened by members of the committee to ensure the duration and content guidelines are met. This phase of the judging will account for 60% of the final score. A great movie must have a good plot that tells both an intriguing and unusual story. Short film judging criteria free download as pdf file. A short film competition judge explains what he wants from. Short film judging criteria draf cinematography narrative scribd. Short film must be less than 2gb in size and be submitted as an mp4 video. Short film too quick to judge in collaboration with nyfa eva duration. Judging criteria mafmad make a film, make a difference. Some element of the film must keep the audience on edge and make them eagerly anticipate a resolution. Rules and regulations of jio filmfare short film awards.

Short film judging criteria draf cinematography narrative. Short film judging criteria cinematography composition. Films will first be screened by members of the committee. Participants may submit the short film personally, electronically. Consider the directors choices for shot and angles, lighting. These judges consist of 10 day film challenge teacher mentors not judging their home state, college film students, former 10 day film students who are pursuing a career in film, andor industry professionals and educators.

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