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How to use the iphone 5s, 5c and ios 7 tutorials, tips. The next commercial is titled icloud and shows an iphone 4s automatically syncing and uploading documents, changes, music, and pictures to an ipad, macbook air, and imac. Santa uses an iphone 4s and siri in the latest apple. Tap the shutter to start and stop recording as normal. Some of the tips are obvious functions that have been widely covered in the media and. The commercial is the most entertaining iphone 4s ad yet and features santa asking siri for directions, what kind of weather to expect at various locations around the country, requesting an email from mrs claus, and finally asking about his schedule, which siri. Ask siri to notify you about your friends location. Discover hundreds of tips and tricks you can use right away with your ipad, ipad mini, or. Siris a bit of a smug knowit all so theres nothing better than calling it on its cock ups.

Have friends and family that are new to iphone and would love to have a handy link to send them. See more ideas about iphone, iphone 4s tricks, greatful. In a phone with lots of evolutionary qualities, siri is the iphone 4ss most revolutionary feature. Siri makes it dropdead simple to add or access calendar entries, without having to stop to type in all. Covers ipad air, ipad 3rd4th generation, ipad 2, ipad mini, iphone 5s, 55c and 44s running ios 7. Apple adds tips and tricks guide for iphone 4s, 5c and 5s to iphone website.

If our post which mentioned some of the funny responses from siri cracked you up, then checkout this duet created by jonathan mann with siri iphone 4s intelligent personal assistant jonathan is a musician and songwriter, best known for writing a song a day and has been apparently doing it. Then you ll be enjoying hd video streams on the move. Siri tips for using siri on the iphone 5 and ios 6 video. Siri is an old favorite in a nowcrowded ai assistant market. As we write, the first iphone 4s devices will be arriving on loyal. The next commercial is titled icloud and shows an iphone 4s automatically syncing and uploading documents, changes, read more. Here are some tips and tricks for your iphone or ipad running ios 8. If you really want to learn to use your iphone or ipad to its full potential, its definitely worth taking the time to learn some of the tips and tricks hidden beneath the surface. Top 10 tips and tricks for new iphone and ipad users imore.

Siri is an intelligent personal assistant that started with apple ios 5 with the release of iphone 4s. Make the most of the photo and video capabilities of your camera by. Tips for making the most of your new iphone 4s digital. Find out how to get the most from apples new platform with these ios 7 tips and tricks. Hi, im garrick chow and im looking forward to sharing some of my favorite. Looking for some tips to using siri on the iphone 5 and ios 6. New to iphone, ipod touch, or ipad and wondering what tips and tricks you really need to know to get started. How to talk to siri, the iphones new virtual assistant. Give siri a quick command by holding your iphone to your ear. Its possible that apple will eventually release siri technology on the ipad 2 or ipad 3, and maybe even the iphone 4 in an ios 5. The possibilities of siri are endless, and will hopefully make using your. Siri and the iphone 4s have been out for over a month now, giving users and hackers plenty of time to make the most of siri. Apple adds tips and tricks guide for iphone 4s, 5c and.

We unlock hidden features and uncover handy shortcuts in this guide. But if you dont know the proper commands, you might get a lot of unwanted sass. It is a speech recognition technology that is implemented in the core of the iphone 4s. The first, titled siri, snow today, is similar to the last siri iphone 4s commercial and features people asking siri a variety of questions and getting responses. The pages are only dedicated to only the iphone models currently available. You might know siri on iphone 4s can give you facts and definitions ondemand but she can also solve math problems for you, too this is where students, off for the summer say so now you tell me. In fact, over a million iphones are already on the tmobile network, and the company is going to read more. See more ideas about things to ask siri, siri funny and siri. Just load up the camera app and swipe to the right twice and youre into slomo mode. Showing you cool tips and tricks that will help you get the most out of your ios devices. Now, one of the great things about siri is she comes with a builtin guide. These apple iphone battery tips and tricks will help get you through the day without a. Siri for iphone iphone tips and advice use your iphone. Staying organized is easy with the siri calendar on your iphone 4s.

Siri is a digital assistant thats currently only available on the iphone 4s. Apple has started to air a new christmas themed tv ad for the iphone 4s and siri featuring none other than santa claus. Owners of the iphone and other apple devices are no doubt familiar with siri already, but theres a lot it can do for you that you may. Easily unlock the power of your ipad, ipad mini, or iphone. Casey 22 january 2018 updated for ios 11 including some very recent improvements siri has learned some new tricks. As siri to wake you up in 3 hours and itshe will set an alarm to go off in 3 hours. Apples facetime can video chat with up to 32 people at once. Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available. But its effectiveness can be patchy unless you give it the right commands. This video shows how to enable the ability to use siri typing instead of using your voice, for times when you cant or shouldnt be speaking out loud to your device. Full tutorial videos on how to use the iphone 5s and iphone 5c running ios 7.

If you have any other tips for setting up a new iphone 4s or any. Simply talk to siri using your usual voice to find contacts, make a call, set schedule and alarms, send an email or text message, ask directions and instructions, and more. The iphone 4 port is being worked on by stroughtonsmith with 9to5mac. So thats a wrap on some quick and handy iphone tricks and tips to help you maximize the powerful computer in your pocket. So weve put together our top tips and tricks to get more from apples digital assistant. Posted by jason on sep 19, 2014 in ios 8, ipad tips and tricks, iphone tips and tricks ios 8 released a couple of days ago, with a ton of new features, improvements and changes.

Os x daily news and tips for mac, iphone, ipad, and. Just give siri a verbal task, be it addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, equations or fractions. Siri for ipad 2 and iphone 4 are coming soon unofficially. Weve picked our favourite timesaving, lifeenhancing tips and tricks for every model of iphone. It allows you to talk to your iphone and ask it to do different things in a way that was never done before in this level of intelligence and accuracy. Garrick even though the iphone and ipad have been around for years, theyre loaded with features that many people dont know about. Discover hundreds of tips and tricks you can use with your ipad or iphone to maximize its functionality as you use your ios 5 mobile device as a powerful communication, organization, and productivity tool, as well as a featurepacked entertainment device. If setting up those geofences is a little too cumbersome, you can ask siri to handle it for you. Click here to visit our frequently asked questions about html5.

Iphone boom mic for better quality video sound iphone 4s tricks, gadget world, tech iphone 4s. The iphone tips that will change how you use your handset. Siri was one of the last features i tried using on my iphone 5 because, quite honestly, i am a power user for all technological devices and i can type and navigate super fast. The iphone 4s might not be offered officially for tmobile use, but if you buy an unlocked device and set it up properly, you can use the iphone 4s and siri on the tmobile network without incident. So here are some top tips and tricks to get more from apples digital assistant.

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