Hobbywing 120a esc programming software

How to download and update firmware hobbywing 120a esc firmware download digital photo cameras firmware. High performance microprocessor, best compatibility with all kinds of motors, highest driving efficiency. Compatible with the portable lcd programming box, easy to set the esc and upgrade the firmware by connecting pc. Hobbywing program box for quicrun ezrun xerun esc 30501003 usd 9. You need to restart esc power off on to make the setting activated. Todays episode covers how to program a hobbywing esc. Hobbywing hobbywing quicrun 18 brushless waterproof 150a esc wp8bl150v2ctp. The ezrun max10 esc can also be programmed via a wifi module along with small phone devices hobbywing wifi link software needs to be installed on the smart phone. This is hobbywing quicrun 110 brushless sensored 120a esc. If you want to buy cheap hobbywing 150a esc, choose hobbywing 150a esc from. Product information hobbywing xerun xr10 pro 1s brushless esc 120a for 112 specially designed for 112 racing. Hobbywing platinum pro 120a v4 120 amp esc hwa30203401.

This program card is only compatible with hobbywing s flyfun, skywalker, guard, sword series esc. Whatever hobbywing 20a esc styles you want, can be easily bought here. Hobbyking xcar 120a brushless car esc sensoredsensorless. Hobbywing xerun xr10 pro g2 160a sensored brushless esc. Because this is hobbywing esc, just can use hobbywing program card. Ensured the polarity was correct, followed the instructions and box was stuck on connecting to pc or connecting to esc depending on which i was. For perfectly matching the new firmware of xerun120av3 esc v3.

The usb link software is a pc program working together with the lcd program box, it has the following functions. Xiangtat hobbywing rc car program card led program card for xerun and ezrun series car brushless esc. Manual of xtreme stock esc xtreme stock esc hobbywing xerun series. Change the esc settings using the program card or the 3 in 1 lcd program box. Works as a usb adapter to link the esc with a pc to update the firmware. This program card is only suitable for the esc made by the same.

Power up the esc and start the spirit settings as usually. Now i want to configure the esc with the software on my pc but i am a bit puzzled. This esc is specially designed for new beginners and intermediate modelers. I bought a used trex 500 heli that came with a hobbywing platninum pro v3 100a esc. When installing the usb link software in windows vista and windows 7, please follow the operations below. Hobbywing multifunction lcd program box helidirect. If you want to buy cheap hobbywing 20a esc, choose hobbywing 20a esc from. The hardware and software of the above 3 models of program cards are identical, so you can print the different front panel when using the program card with different esc. Shaluoman 25a 120a brushless esc program card electronic speed controller. Freewing hobbywing esc programming card e9901 motion rc.

Go to the advancedtelemetry settings and set the hobbywing. The esc will gradually reduce the output power if the throttle signal is lost for 1 second, further loss for 2 seconds will cause its output to be completely cutoff. Esc can not be recognizd via program box or usb software. Hobbywing calibration esc calibration esc setup esc. Program your esc or check the voltage of your lipo battery, the hobbywing multifunction lcd program box does it all. Programming hobbywing hv pentium 100a esc rc groups.

How to program a hobbywing esc works with quicrun ezrun and. Manual of xerun 120a 1ssd xerun 120a 1ssd hobbywing xerun series. Xiangtat hobbywing quicrun 10bl120 sensored 120a 23s lipo speed controller brushless esc for 110 112 rc car 4. Works as a usb adapter to link the esc with a pc to update the firmware of the esc or viewmodify the esc settings via hobbywing usb link software. Builtin electronic switch saves chassis space easiest. Make sure to apply to send setting to esc from pc software, or save setting from lcd program box. I have with me a brand new hobbywing 100ahv opto esc with the lcd programming box. When the temperature of the esc is over 110 celsius degree, the esc will gradually reduce the output power. Hobbywing program box and esc firmware updates video tutorial darksyd3d. Home quicrun 10bl120 esc 110th scale 120a sensored brushless esc roar approved pending. Quicrun 10bl120 esc 110th scale 120a sensored brushless. And yes, the motor is the source of the beeps, but with the card, you dont need to have the motor.

The hobbywing quicrun range is suitable for 110th touring car buggy f1 drift car, etc. Howto connect lcd programming box to your hobbywing esc hobbywing. Cant open hk xcar esc programming software rc10talk. The hobbywing platinum pro 120a hv 120 amp esc is a great choice for 600700 class 3d helicopters, 58kg large scale fixedwing airplane, 2m f3a or 3d, as well as 35cc gas to electric powered conversions. Hobbywing xerun xr10 justock 110 sensored brushless esc. Some say this esc is a clone of the hobbywing xerun 120a, like for the hobbyking xcar 120a but really hk and tsky arent clone, they use same plastic box, pcb position, heatsink and firmware but they dont share more. None of which was effective in making the program box communicating with the esc. Each parameter is displayed on the easytoread lcd screen. Servo connector of the telem uni cable should be connected to the esc programming port p. Hobbywing xerun xr10 pro g2 160a sensored brushless esc stealth 5 average rating. The set button on the esc allows the user to easily program or reset the esc to default mode. It will allow you to adjust all of the programming options quickly and easily via your pc. High performance but low price, users can own this reliable raceready esc at an affordable cost.

How to program a hobbywing sct pro esc using the led program box. Hobbywing incorporated this new feature so that the owner can program reprogram the esc without having to disconnect the main lead from the receiver. Goolrc s3674 2650kv sensorless brushless motor 120a brushless esc and program card combo set for 18 rc car truck. Ive no doubt that the spirit gov would work good too but its more involved to set up, the hw one is as simple as it gets the fan plugs into the socket in the side of the esc. Mar 23, 2019 the programming methods in the video work on most of hobbywing s esc s. It tells me that i need to connect the esc with the special connection cable to my lcd programming box, the programming box goes via usb into my pc and i start the software. Hobbywing xerun xr10 pro stock spec v4 sensored brushless esc 19 average rating. I set the heli up and the throttle was working well but last night i was programming throttle curves and accidentally programmed 9080708090 in the normal curve. This calibration process applies to most all hobbywing escs for rc cars and trucks.

Rc drift tsky 120a sensored brushless esc electronic speed. Innovateking 3650 5200kv sensorless brushless motor with 120a esc electronic speed controller and programming card waterproof combo set 3. Its reliable hardware, combined with intelligent software containing 10 common selecttouse profiles, creates an ideal power solution to 110th scale top touring car, pan car and buggy racing. The hobbywing xerun xr10 pro 160a sensored brushless esc is specially designed for competitive racing at the highest level. The gradual throttle cutoff for low battery only leaves me 510 seconds to get on the ground. If you are having a trouble with esc which does not seem to be recognized by the software, please confirm the following. Here comes the hobbywing xrotor race pro 2207 the hobbywing xrotor 2207 race pro motor has been designed for the top levels of competitive fpv rac. Hobbywing quicrun qr10bl120 120a sensored brushless esc 9 average rating. Having worked out that the occasional cutout of one of the thrusters in the pool test was due to the hobbyking brushless car esc 10a w reverse escs overload protection rather than just an inappropriately high battery protection voltage threshold, i replaced the electronic speed controllers with the hobbywing ezrun. For the money and the programming you can do with hobbywing s esc its well worth the money. Hwi30502000 hobbywing 30502000 multifunction lcd program box for esc programming 3function.

Especially the connectivity of every esc and program box usb software, we check 100% of esc before ship. How to program tsky 120a esc speed controller duration. Hobbywing platinum pro 120ahv 120 amp esc hwa80030060. Hobbywing manual of eagle series brushed airplane esc eagle20a, 30a hobbywing manuals of car esc xerun series. Hobbywing xr10 pro 120a brushless esc 1s rc maritime. Cant open hk xcar esc programming software rc10talk the. Hobbywing updates the esc firmware regularly, giving you access to upgraded. Programming and calibrating the ezrun 18a escs le wed 02 december 2015.

Hobbywing 3 in 1 professional multifuction lcd program box. The setup with the hobbywing programming box was a breeze. As the last step you have to set the esc telemetry in the spirit settings software. Im going on 3 years with my ezrun pro in my gtp2e and it gets pushed hard and never gets warm. After installing the latest usb link software from hobbywing it was plug and play. How to video illustrating the correct way to update the firmware of your v3. Quicrun 10bl120 esc 110th scale 120a sensored brushless esc roar approved pending. Xiangtat hobbywing 3 in1 multifunction lcd program box card for rc esc program box. Hobbywing esc programming led program card for rc toy car f17839 warm tips. Automatically detects the number of cells within the battery pack. This is the hobbywing multifunction lcd program box.

Upgrade the xr10 justock with the hobbywing usb link software, multifunction lcd program box and a pc. Hobbywing 30502000 multifunction lcd program box for esc. The box looks exactly like the hobbywing lcd model, so i tried their usb tool in an attempt to reflash this goolrc, but the software doesnt recognize it. I bought it to adjust my hobbyking xcar 80a esc more easily. Hobbywing hobby rc speed controllers for sale in stock ebay. Hobbywing program box and esc firmware updates video tutorial. View and download hobbywing technology xerun120a v3. Platinum 120a v4 esc 5 star rating on every category. Enhanced throttle response, precise throttle linearity, excellent acceleration and strong brakes. This esc fits my vh 3d epp plane great, running 2206 motor on 3s with 8inch sf prop.

Hobbywing patented heatconductive copper bar cover on the power board of the quicrun 10bl60sd, which can efficiently and effectively transfer heat to the integrated cnc machined billet aluminum heat sink housing, combined with highperformance cooling fan can keep your esc as cool as possible. It can be calibrated like hobbywing or hobbyking 120a esc. Most importantly, hobbywing 120a doesnt get hot and keeps the motor from getting hot. Hobbywing platinum40apro brushless esc for trex 400450. It endeavors to provide the products that you want, offering the best bang for your buck. Comes with a free shipping through hobbywing north america 180 days manufacturer limited warranty model platinum 120a v4 esc sku 30203401 application 500 550 class helicopter. Hobbywing quicrun qr10bl120 120a sensored brushless esc. Designed to be small, lightweight and efficient, the 120a v3. We can see that all three esc dont use exactly same pcb and components so they are not really clones. The esc i am trying it on works with the cheaper model program card i borrowed from a friend. Hobbywing multifunction lcd program box hwa30502000014. The quicrun series of hobbywing esc s is the latest range of competitively priced brushed and brushless speed controllers for use in a wide range of rc vehicle applications. Whatever hobbywing 150a esc styles you want, can be easily bought here.

Hobbywing quicrun 10bl120 sensored brushless esc 120a. May 29, 2012 updating older hobbywing escs with the latest v3. The hobbywing quicrun qr10bl120 120a sensored brushless esc provides an incredible price to performance ratio that is not often found within escs containing this feature set. Wasted about 212 to 3 hours updating the usb link software, firmware, and the recommended update for the esc. Microprocessors are controlled by firmware that enables the device to do the job it was purchased for.

Governor store is the best mode to use, this is how i fly all my hobbywing equipped helis. Other brands of esc s work very similarly and each one has their own programming tools so the information covered here only. Out of the box, it needed no programming adjustments to get flying. Before programming, users will need to plug the programming cale on the wifi module into the programming port on esc and switch on the esc. Cant open hk xcar esc programming software post by terry. Programming card for freewing hobbywing oem electronic speed controls e9901 this programming card will allow you to quickly and easily reprogram any freewing brand electronic speed control esc. The best value in the market for 110, 112 car, 18 rock crawler. Reliable hardware in combination with great software is an ideal prerequisite for hard race use. Built with high quality components, and offering both sensored and senorless motor operation, this is a truly versatile high performance esc that wont break the bank. How to program a hobbywing esc works with quicrun ezrun. The free programming software can be downloaded from the files tab below or by clicking here. Hobbywing 120a esc firmware full guides for download and.

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